CBD Marketing: How to Build a Winning Strategy

CBD products are everywhere right now, which is good and bad if you’re in the CBD business. Within the last several years, the industry has quite literally grown by over a hundred billion dollars. And that’s good because it means there is a booming market out there waiting to purchase your product. However, that also means there’s a lot of competition, and you need to do a lot of research and work in the realm of CBD marketing to stand out from the crowd. So what can you do to differentiate your company from the other guys in the CBD industry? Consider these tools you can use to begin promoting your brand to both new and existing customers.

Offer CBD Education to Consumers

It’s important to remember that while CBD may be everywhere these days, the majority of individuals still don’t know much about it. That’s why as someone working in the CBD industry, one of the most valuable types of CBD content you can provide is that which offers consumers valuable, insightful information and advice about what CBD is and what it can do for them. 

Before anybody ever sets out to purchase CBD, they will first want to know: 

  • What it is
  • Where it comes from 
  • What makes it different from its sibling, marijuana

And once they have learned these basic facts, they will then have a thousand other questions: 

  • Can CBD help with my anxiety? 
  • Can CBD help with my pain? 
  • How much CBD do I need to take? 
  • How do I use CBD? 

Your CBD content should address these issues and many more questions that people coming to your blog or website will likely have. 

Search Engine Optimization is a Must

In writing your blogs and the other CBD content, it’s important to remember that people need to be able to find your website. Search engine optimization, or SEO, should be utilized so individuals searching for CBD products will be directed toward your website. It’s important to remember to use a variety of search terms. These can range from those indicating clear buyer intent such as “buy CBD oil online” to more generic terms such as “CBD gummies” and “CBD for pain.”

If you do not have experience with SEO, you can find a CBD writer who does and who can do the research to incorporate keywords into your content. This can help ensure potential customers performing searches for various search terms online are driven to find your website and your blog and, in turn, are more likely to head to your website in the future when they are interested in making purchases for CBD products. 

Don’t Forget Email Campaigns

People may come to your blog as they begin their search for CBD content and what it can do for them. However, do remember that they aren’t necessarily ready to buy, even if they’re visiting your website or blog. This is why email marketing is still a good way to promote your brand. Setting up a way to collect emails on your website, from both potential and existing customers gives you a way to reach out with CBD content such as new blog articles as well as information on sales and promotions. All of this can be a way to drive traffic to your website. 

One of the best ways to get people to sign up for your email newsletter is by offering them some sort of incentive. For example, offering visitors to your website a promotional coupon for signing up (10% off their next purchase) is a simple and effective way to get contact info. Studies have even indicated that approximately 59% of individuals will give up their email addresses as long as some sort of reward is offered in exchange. 

Other Valuable Tools for CBD Marketing 

While social media hasn’t been the primary marketing tool for CBD, it can still be a powerful way to get the word out for your brand. One thing to remember when it comes to CBD marketing is that its audience can be a bit different, and because of that the social media channels you use may also be a bit different. While Facebook and Twitter can still be a powerful way to reach your audience, you may also consider using social media channels such as Instagram to spread the word about your brand as part of your CBD and medical marijuana marketing efforts.

The Differences in Marketing Medical Marijuana

Something else to consider is what happens if you also work with medical marijuana. While it is not legal across all 50 states, an increasing number of businesses are now legally able to work with medical marijuana. However, because it is only recently legal to do so, medical marijuana marketing can be a bit tricky, even for those with a bit of marketing experience.

Just as individuals are likely to have a lot of questions when it comes to CBD, they are likely to have quite a few questions when it comes to medical marijuana. However, their questions regarding medical marijuana are much more likely to relate to the legalities of the substance and what they must do to legally obtain medical marijuana. This is why medical marijuana writing often centers around informing individuals about details such as the medical conditions that can qualify them for a medical marijuana card, how they can get obtain one, and other details they need to know to be able to meet all the requirements to purchase medical marijuana.

If you have any questions about CBD marketing, or you would like to set up your own campaign, feel free to contact our team. Our digital marketing specialists are ready to develop CBD content that can help your brand be found on the world wide web! 

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