The Good Kind of Exposure

Whether you’re an independent agent, part of an agency, or work for a large insurance company, there’s one truth that remains consistent across the board: you’re not the only game in town. In addition to your business, insurance customers have a wide variety of your competitors to choose from, which is why an insurance content writer can play such an important role in separating your website from the pack. We develop search-optimized website copy that targets the type of keywords your customers use when they search for a business like yours. That means your website shows up more often, and you have more opportunities to sell your products and services to your audience.

Comprehensive but Clear

Here’s a not-so-secret fact about the insurance industry: it can be confusing. You can be an agent helping customers make the right Medicare choices, or a company offering insurance plans on the market, and still need to do one very important thing: flesh out the complex options in front of your audience while still making them understandable. An insurance copywriter, experienced in translating industry jargon into everyday English, can do just that, and give the consumers who visit your website a better idea of what they’ll receive from your products or services.

Leverage Your Benefits

When visitors come to your website, they’re doing it for a reason. They may be interested in learning more about their insurance options, or they may know exactly what they want already. So why should they work with you over the multitude of competitors available? Our speciality is telling them, and we do it using highly effective insurance marketing. We learn all about you, your business, and your experience in the insurance industry, and turn that information into sales copy so your business is positioned as a consumer’s best option for their needs.

It’s time to take your insurance business to new heights. Reach out to iwebcontent today to learn more about our insurance copywriting services.

Insurance Copywriting Samples