Does social marketing work?

Yes! Social marketing used to be a nice-to-have – now it’s a must-have strategy in your online marketing arsenal. Studies show social media marketing today garners nearly twice as many leads as direct mail, pay-per-click or telemarketing. But most business owners aren't sure how to use social media to their advantage or they simply don't have the time.

Consistency is key

Social media takes constant nurturing. It only works with consistent effort and ongoing engagement. If that sounds like a lot of work, it is! That's where our expert social media writers come in. They become the voice of your company, interacting with your friends and followers on your behalf through consistent posts.

Interesting content is paramount

We write factual, fun or fascinating content through all of your social channels, so potential and current clients will come back for more. Returning visitors mean more hits on your site which equals more sales.

We monitor all social accounts

We make it our business to start and keep the conversation going with your customers. And we become a watchdog for negative interaction so your company image remains positive.

Social Post Bundle

*One time $100 onboarding fee for single bundle. No onboarding fee for combo packages.

**30 posts are in addition to monthly package posts.

***4 meme bundle $150 mo. when sold separately. To see our meme portfolio, click here.

Facebook Set-Up

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Remarketing Campaigns

Twitter advertising also available! Ask us about pricing.

Facebook Boost Add-on

Boost each one of your Facebook Posts per month in order to increase reach according to geographic and demographic targets.

  • 4 posts boosted ($100) up to approx. 4500 reaches
  • 8 posts boosted ($200) up to approx. 4500 reaches
  • 20 posts boosted ($500) up to approx. 4500 reaches

*Add-on is only available to clients who purchase one of our blog packages.

Twitter Set-Up

LinkedIn Personal Account Set-Up

LinkedIn Company Set-Up

Google My Business and Google+ Set-Up

Youtube Set-Up

Pinterest Set-Up

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